My experience as a Blockchain Business School Mentor last summer was nothing short of amazing. I was the youngest mentor on board, so it was only fitting that I taught the youngest age group—with kids as young as four years old. I held weekly virtual meetings where I shared basic coding skills with the kids and helped them create animations. The most fulfilling part of the experience, by far, was watching the progress the children made. At the beginning of each class, the kids’ eyes would light up in wonder as I showed them the animation we’d be learning that day. By the end of class, they would be sharing their computer screens, proudly showing everyone how they’d successfully coded the animation. In only a one-hour class, the kids went from having no clue how to do the code, to admiring their completed animation—from wondering to winning—and that was beautiful to see.

Mahlia Neely, Vassar College – My Experience as a BBS Mentor