Luminaries are those who inspire us with their knowledge, journeys, or stories so we discover our passion and purpose to harness our own possibilities.

Julien Believe
Bill Quinn
Hamid Bhatti
Alvarez Symonette
Denis Dariotis
Jonnell Emmanuel-Russell
Charles Hoskinson
Hallom Hope
Kathy Corkish
Kelly Banks
Layla Abdulla
Michelle Noyes
Lakeisha A Rolle
M. Antoinette Russell
Nigel Noyes
Lakrista Johnson
Marie-Noel Nsana
Pavel Sinelnikov
Phelton Petit-Frere
Stefen Deleveaux
Coogan Brennan
Shakera Rolle
Pereze Willie
Rashan Smith
Gilbert Cassar
Michael Clare
Joe Santos
Lindsay Ladd
Rodgeno Albury
Tammi Butler
Wendy Warren
Devyani Vyas
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