As part of our curriculum, BBS are strongly encouraged to join our pitch-a-thon, for the chance to pitch a blockchain project, application or use case that might be supported by our sponsors in the future. Pitch participants can apply as a group, or be grouped with participants to work together, based on the category of your pitch that you have selected. A panel of judges will select and award the top 3 pitches, which will be considered for future partnership and programme opportunities by the BBS team in 2023.


How to pitch

No experience required, just great ideas! Pitches should be focused on what a blockchain use case or application might look like, who it will be used by, and what impact it will have. Each pitch will be 5-10 minutes long, and will be presented by each team in a short speech. The use of powerpoint slides or other visuals is optional.

Theme of the pitch

At BBS, we are champions of a bottom-up approach that is truly inclusive; we believe that blockchain adoption in the Bahamas must serve all Bahamians, no matter where you are from or what age you are. We ask that all pitches focus on the common theme of community adoption – engaging your own communities in a manner that makes blockchain technology accessible and useful to meet their everyday needs and preferences. We are seeking ideas that focus on the needs of everyday people, and that put Bahamians at the centre of blockchain development, and help to increase quality of life, education, understanding, awareness and use of blockchain technology in the Bahamas.

*Bonus Theme*: Community Adoption of the Sand Dollar

For special consideration by the judges, pitch teams are strongly encouraged to include the use of the Sand Dollar, as the Bahamian digital currency, in the context of the overall pitch. Participants who opt-in to the bonus theme should look at how the Sand Dollar can be used as part of their idea. For example, you may choose to integrate the Sand Dollar into your pitch topic as a payment method or as an incentive for the use of the blockchain use case or application that you are pitching. Participants may also choose to focus on pitches that encourage broader adoption of the Sand Dollar, especially in outer island communities or by users who are unfamiliar with digital currencies and are more used to using cash.

Social Justice

Social justice, social equality, social welfare, or focused on other social issues such as the family, building household wealth, improving community relations, etc.

Climate Change & Environment

Environmental protection and management, natural resources (including agriculture and fisheries), and fighting the impacts of climate change

Finance & Economy

Supporting access to financial services and/or small businesses and the economy of the Bahamas to serve the needs of everyone, now and in the future


Media and communication networks, including social media, public awareness and messaging and other forms of communication between people and communities

Health & Wellbeing

Healthcare and improving health outcomes, access to services, better nutrition, health education and other health-related issues


Gaming or other forms of entertainment and amusement, with a focus on youth and community


Learning inside or outside the classroom, for any and all ages

Sand Dollar

Ways to use the Sand Dollar as a digital currency in a specific application, for a specific purpose, or in other ways that will improve and increase community trust, acceptance and adoption across groups of all ages and all locations


Please describe the focus of your pitch briefly if it does not fit into any of the above categories





Blockchain Business School is a program designed by Harness All Possibilities, a US 501(c)3 and Harness All Possibilities Bahamas, social impact enterprises supported by local community changemakers.