Bringing Digital Literacy Within Reach

Blockchain Business School

Bringing Digital Literacy Within Reach

BBS Conference!

August 9 – 12th, 2023


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What Is Blockchain Business School?

A Community Called To Action To Harness All Possibilities

We endeavor to address widening socio-economic gaps in our 21st Century Digital World in a wide range of impact-first initiatives. The accelerated the Pace of Technology Advancement has:

  • Shifted Learning & Education Landscape
  • Widened Learning Loss & Inequality Gaps
  • Shifted Human Skills for Work Opportunities
  • Redirected & Amplified Lifelong Learning
  • Widened Knowledge & Economic Gaps
  • Fueled Mental, Financial & Emotional Stress
  • Impacted human hard skills.

We see these issues accelerating at a pace exceeding humans’ ability to keep up, unlearn and adapt and as such a decentralized, community-building approach is everyone’s call to action.

2023 Event RoadMap

Our roadmap involves numerous programming, designed to engage various communities independently, or in preparation for our main event in August.

Shoutout to Robert Pantry of Simplified Lending for support BBS2023!

Shoutout to PricewaterhouseCoopers for their support!

Making Blockchain Education Accessible For All!

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